Was Stalin a Good Leader? [Best Answer 2022]

Was Stalin a Good Leader

Stalin was known as a leader of the USSR from 1924 until they died in 1953. Stalin was such a rude complex, Hitler and criminal. He is also a director of the USSR and he is responsible for million people of the Soviets who are doing work as a slave. The innocent peoples who are executed and die in GULAG Stalin are responsible. He paid for it by killing millions of people and by robbing his people to work as slaves. Due to making the first artificial satellite in (1957) he got the honor of making an artificial feminine in Ukraine, and less scale feminine in Soviet.

What influenced Stalin?

As I read about Stalin, the reason for influence is:

He was born in a poor and working family. He is related to a poor family. The things that influenced him are humble and being a fighter. The father was an alcoholic so that influenced him to reject degeneracy. He spent his 15 years in Russia in a horrible prison. The literature of radical condemnation of tsarism and he got exposed to radical literature that influenced him.

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Was Joseph Stalin a good leader?

Was Stalin a Good Leader


Stalin was not a fair leader just because life for him means to achieve goals.

In my opinion, he was a good leader just for some reason. When Stalin became a director of the Soviet Union he had the country devastated by the civil war. At that time, there were a few industries and it was a rural nation. In a couple of decades, he was able to industrialize the country. During this period many have died. There are two choices for soviet people. He won the war. He is responsible for all but at least he helped the soviet union by winning industrialization.

Stalin died early in march 1953 due to a short illness. Stalin died due to a massive hemorrhagic stroke involving his left cerebral hemispheres

The reasons why Stalin was a good leader?

Stalin was a good leader because he successfully industrialized the economy of the soviet union and made the union strong  He transformed the power of the soviet union into a nuclear superpower. During the union of the soviet, they became a nuclear superpower. The style of Stalin was not so good. he is like a Hitler.

Why was Joseph a good leader?

Joseph was a good leader because of an amazing servant leader. He got thrown under the bus. they responded by continuing to work or those around them. Yes, Stalin was a good leader in ww2. Never Stalin was not a good military leader

Who was Joseph Stalin and what did he do?

He governed the soviet union from 1922 to 1953. Joseph was responsible for the deaths of millions of citizens of the Soviet Union. The improvement of the society in the region of Stalin was a good thing. Stalin was such a rude complex and Hitler criminal. He ruled in the Soviet Union.

What was Joseph Stalin known for?

Stalin was known as the director of the USSR and the soviet union. He makes the soviet union the most industrial and powerful society. He won the war and got full nuclear power. He made the first artificial feminine which made him very honorable. Due to him, many citizens meet to the death in the soviet union.

Joseph Stalin did many good things for the Soviet Union, in 5 years he made the union industrialized, and in  30 years he made them a superpower in the world and turned into the second-fastest growing economy. where he is a good leader due to some reason, Stalin was also a very bad leader for many reasons. He did not accept any criticisms. He often killed those who do not agree with him. He is such a horrible person in the organization. he was a very paranoid person. According to my research, he is a good or bad leader.

Is Joseph Stalin a successful leader or an oppressive leader?

Both. He is a successful and oppressive leader. He is an oppressive leader of history. He is such a rude and ruthless director. He is played both roles. he is a successful leader. As he is an oppressive leader he is also a successful leader. He makes the soviet union the second fast-growing union. He helps the soviet union as an industrialized country. Stalin’s region provided the most modern fighting planes and most modern tanks. In the Stalin region, they make nuclear bombs. Stalin is the reason for getting modern tanks and airplanes.

Joseph Stalin, Leader of the Soviet Union (1878-1953)