Was Gaddafi a Good Leader? [Best Answer 2022]

Was Gaddafi a Good Leader?

According to my research, Gaddafi is not a good man. He was a very bad man. He is a prominent head of terrorism. He is supporting the IRA and many other groups of terrorists. Gaddafi pays the Irish Republican Army for negotiating with Margaret Thatcher. Irish Republican Army is a part of terrorism unmistakably. 

Why do some Africans celebrate, and see Gaddafi as a good man?

He donated to some poor African countries and just supported all the programs. He helps the poor Africans in work, he just likes a magician and Santa Claus for the Africans. Gaddafi entered all Africans and Muslims in Libya to do jobs without any visa. There was plenty of work. Due to his “green revelation,” he installed the underground irrigation system. It was the admiration for all third world countries in the world. He considers Libya as a right. Libya had the highest per capita income of all African countries, it is higher in education and it was the one of best living on the planet. He made the dessert as a garden. That’s why some African celebrate and see Gaddafi as a good man.

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Recent claims say that Muammar Gaddafi was a good leader, his leadership provided free house, education, and money to all citizens. Is it true?

Muammar Gaddafi was a good leader for Libya. The people of Libya say that he was a good leader for them but out of Libya people think that he is not a good leader because he provides all facilities to the Libyan. He gave free electricity to the Libyan. He gave a free loan for Libya with 0% interest as a bank. He says that his parents can’t get the house until all people in Libya can get the house. A house in Libya is considered a human right, during Gaddafi’s father’s death and still, his wife and mother live in a tent. The government of Libya gives US$ 50000 to a newly married couple to buy a new house.

The government gives money to couples to buy a first home to help the new family. Education and medicine are also free in Libya. Medical treatment is also free in Libya. Yes, Gaddafi provided a free house, medical treatments, education, and the ability to purchase things like cars these all things show him a good leader for Libyan. Look at the Libyan then and look at how you get to know that when he is in power and now that he is not in power. After reading about Gaddafi you can make your image about all these things and you get to know whether Gaddafi is a good leader or not.

Why was Muammar Gaddafi hated?

The quality of the literacy is good but the quality of the education is poor during the rule of Gaddafi. Due to the poor condition of the study Libyan thought that the is the worse under the rule of Gaddafi. The medical health treatment in Libyan was free in terrible. Due to these terrible the Libyan travel to the neighboring countries for medical treatment. The fuel and the electricity were poor during the rule of Gaddafi. According to, these tribbles the majority of Libyans was hated Gaddafi and uprising against him. There are some Libyans who like the Gaddafi. 

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What are the 15 things Gaddafi did for Libya? 

  • Electricity was free for all citizens in Libya and there is no bill of electricity.
  • Medical treatment is free for all citizens in Libya. 
  • In Libya home is considered a human right. He vowed that his parents would not get home until even everyone get home in Libya. 
  • All newly married couples get US$ 50000 from the government. Government helps to buy a home for a newly started life.
  • Education was free in Libya.
  • In the Gaddafi region, the price of petrol is $0.14 per litter.
  • If someone faces the trouble of getting an education in Libya the government use funds to abroad them.
  • When any woman gave birth to a child, she received $5000.
  • In the Gaddafi region, 25% of students get degrees.
  • In the Gaddafi region, the price of bread is US$0.15.
  • All citizen gets a loan from a bank without any interest.
  • All the citizens get the amount in their bank after selling the oil.
  • If Libyans want to start their carrier on the farm they get start it and get farmland and farm for free.
  • In the Gaddafi region, if someone buys a car the government gives 50% on the price.
  • In the Gaddafi region if someone can’t get a job after graduation the government pays them an average salary.

Yes, Libya is better off now in many things.

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