50 Most Valuable Football Cards in 2022 [RANKED]

most valuable football cards 2022

Hello again, kids! Here’s a brief history lesson for you. In 1888, Henry W. Beecher was the most well-known football player card, owing to a collection of 50 cards issued in “Old Judge” and other publications.Gypsy Queen” cigarette packs. And here is something more to think about. The 2017 National Treasure NFL Shield Patrick Mahomes Autograph was released barely a couple of months earlier. Rookie Card #161 fetched a staggering $4.3 million.

Once you understood, I’m guessing you’ll have to participate in the activities. Although, with such a large selection of football cards available, picking your champions might be difficult. What would it be a good idea for you to look for? These cards were carefully selected based on rates, age, plans provided, and expected return on investment. Let’s put your flag on and let’s have a look at the most expensive football cards in 2022 for buy.

Most Valuable Football Cards 2022

  • 1986 Reggie white Topps
  • Football Rookie RC #275
  • 1982 Lawrence Taylor Topps Football All-Pro Rookie RC #434
  • 1986 Jerry Rice Topps RC #161
  • 1958 Jim Brown Topps Rookie RC #62
  • 1998 Peyton Manning Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket RC #87
  • 1981 Joe Montana Topps Football Rookie RC #216
  • “White 80, White 80 set hovel!”

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Which NFL football card brand is popular to buy?

  • Just a couple of years back, Topps, a main competitor of Panini, had their license to sell football cards removed. This is cleared the way Panini’s cards entered the market game becomes the biggest and largest brand in the whole game market.  As a result, Panini is now on a shopping spree, stocking up on various gaming brands like Donruss Playoff.
  • National Treasure, Prizm, Donruss Optic, and Select are just a handful of the NFL football cards available from Panini. Football card collectors are well-known for their National Treasures cards. They’re piled high with high-end items like badges and other souvenirs.
  • A pack of 2020 National Treasures cards has 100 cards. For numerous aspects, Panini’s Prizm cards are comparable to State Gems cards in regards to approach or content. They also have a stacked set of colored refractors, autographs, and Rookie football cards, all of which feature the top rookies from the 2019 NFL draught class.

Choose the best value:

If you’re looking for the greatest deal on Panini NFL football cards, Select is the way to go. There are 4 sections in these cards each and every card has some different plan and scale of money in increasing profit way and the latest is Coliseum which is followed by Premier Level, Club Level, and Field Level.

Choose cards to feature a variety of autos and equals, as well as several types of enhancements. They have become quite well as a result of their incredibly inexpensive pricing for the quality and plan they provide, which helps them sell out quickly. Most football cards lover definitely chose the Panini as its quality of product to bring some extra profit and its easy to keep.

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Most Important Football cards to buy

Each brand of football card that includes the player’s name and the team emblem is the finest to invest in. This strategy assures realism and scarcity. Because people are willing to spend a lot of money on fascinating cards, it’s a smart idea to go with the biggest names. Furthermore, because these athletes are well-known, they are quite easy to sell.

1. JustinHerbert 2k20 Panini Prizm RC #325 2020

The Justin Herbert Panini Prizm RC #325 is the most flamboyant 2021 card with real promise. Justin Herbert had a strong rookie season in the NFL in 2020, winning Rookie of the Year. That increases the likelihood of the card’s value increasing, so you may require to act immediately. Highly collectible offers the Herbert Panini Prizm RC #325 on sale. Now create Collector’s records and fill them with resources by buying fragmented deals. in this way, the price of your share improves with the time in tandem with the importance of your card.

2. Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket #303 for 2017 Patrick Mahomes II

Since his debut in 2018, Patrick Mahomes has racked up 5,097 throwing yards and 50 touchdowns, earning this one of his most important rookie cards. In continuous internet-based sales, each card seems to have a sticker price of $90,000. Given Mahomes predicted to win at least one additional Super Bowl, investing in this card may be a smart move. It comes with awesome of business, which attracts a lot of different authorities.

Dibbs is a fantastic marketplace in which you can get these trendy goods. You will buy partial liability for cards after joining the platform. When the card’s market value increases, you’ll be awarded a comparable part of the advantages.

Topps, 1965 Rookie Card of Joe Namath

Joe Namath’s rookie is often regarded as the most unusual football card in the side interest. The plan’s size of 2 1/2′′ x 4 11/16′ can normally offer it up to greater risk, but on its opposite side, there was a butterfly variant with a very visible print flaw on its back – which doesn’t influence the plan’s overall worth by any length of the idea!

Topps, 1958 Rookie Card of Jim Brown

Professionals are well familiar with the 1958 Topps Jim Brown tenderfoot card. “Jimmy,” the best fullback to ever take the field, also has a high-quality statue. Because of its print flaws and focusing troubles, which are frequent problems for anybody collecting this fascinating treasure in top condition with only one-of-a-kind pieces available today, it may fetch a lot of money at auction!

Mayo, 1894 Anonymous (John Dunlop, Harvard)

The N302 Mayo’s Cut Plugs are considered the earliest football card set ever made and include important Ivy League players from the time era. The card of Harvard legend John “Unknown” Dunlop, however, has neither his nor her group’s names; this is important in understanding how rare these cards were in those days – so valuable to authorities that most marks will now sell them for extravagant prices!

Johnny Unitas rookie card from 1957 Topps

To its even shape and two-sheet concept, the Topps 1957 football set stands out right away. Moreover, the Johnny Unitas popular kid on the block card, as well as the others of Paul Hornung and Bart Starr (the central attendees in this incredible set), can indeed to be found near the front not scarce because it was necessary for a succeeding series run, but high-grade systems are extremely important because print snow or concentrating could prevent them from reaching the next ranking higher!

Goudey Sport Kings, 1933 Jim Thorpe is a well-known athlete.

According to a recent study of this card, it is worth an estimated $85,000. The 1933 Goudey Sport Kings set featured prominent athletes from a variety of sports, especially football, and since Thorpe’s image as a forward-thinking player makes him one you should have in your collection – collectors like these iconic sets with an outstanding strategy!

Look for possible freshmen cards.

Freshman cards are the bedrock of any side hobby. They’re first, and they’ll continue to be so since their inexpensive cost makes them accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy a meeting! The trick is figuring out that one dare not say ‘freshman card,’ but do – some may identify themself as such while, in reality, you may see better forms among unmatched greats or other more unusual commodities valued greater than yours at a trading company far away…

Which is the world’s best expensive football card?

Brady may be available to Mahomes in the not-too-distant future. He’s a young, electrifying quarterback who really can run and throw like virtually no other player in history—regardless of whether or not he’s been injured or has been in a difficult position of the league up till now! With seven rings being flung around by brilliance across several games at the moment, it’s hardly surprising that some people are wondering when Mahomes would earn his own victoriously gold belt clasp…

After last year’s NFL MVP Trophies, the writing was on the wall: PatrickMahomies will be difficult for TomBrady supporters (past and present) to ignore come season following season.


You may have a collection of vintage football cards dating back to your teens. It’s possible that some are worth money, but you won’t know unless you take the time to explore and get an evaluation. The Beckett Football Card Price Guide is a great place to start since it covers anything from the house of fame to top-of-the-line assessed fresh kid on the block cards and each year since 1940!

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