What Does Location Not Available Mean? [FIX 2022]

location not available meaning

If the individual is out of network coverage, the app will display the message “no location detected on to discover my friends.” Or the person’s phone ran out of battery, or he/she switched off GPS. Here are multiple things to be contemplated.

What to do when Location Not Available Appears?

  • Verify that the GPS is turned on and operating.
  • It is possible to preserve battery life by turning off GPS. As a result, many individuals disable GPS when they don’t need it. Even if GPS is turned off, Find My Friends may still monitor the location via mobile data. However, the information isn’t always accurate or dependable.
  • Meanwhile, if you’re out of coverage, it’ll say ‘location not available.’ Toggle on “Location Services” under “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services.”
  • I can’t find my pals since there isn’t a spot for them.
  • After reopening the program, log in again.

Location Not Available Fix

If you have an issue with “no location discovered on finding my friends,” try restarting the app and logging in right away. It is the easiest approach to fixing almost any app problem. 3 Double-check and make any necessary adjustments to the date and time. You’re probably aware that even the tiniest error in your device’s date and time might cause Find My Friends to malfunction. Set your phone to use the network’s automatic date and time setup. As a result, the app may function correctly once again.

What does “No Location Found” on Find My Friends imply in terms of iPhone or messages?

If the Find My Friends app keeps displaying “no location detected,” there is most likely a problem. It’s most likely because the location service isn’t functioning properly. The app’s functionality is dependent on both GPS and the phone’s location function. In contrast, if an issue arises, the app may make a few changes. Furthermore, if there is an issue with the phone’s internal operation, the GPS and position tracking system may not work properly. As a result, the app will be unable to track the whereabouts of any of your friends or family members.

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Why does Find My Friends say it can’t find my friends?

Many of you may believe that your buddy may ban you from using the phone or deactivate the location for you. This is not the case, though. It’s possible that their phone is turned off, or that your device is experiencing a significant problem. There are a few more explanations for this message, such as Your buddy needs to change the device’s date and time.

  • Both phones are not linked to the internet or to a cellular network.
  • ‘Hide My Location,’ it’s assumed, was activated.
  • Alternatively, the individual may not have signed up for Find My Friends.

What does No location found mean?

This may be a result of the network’s slow performance or heavy traffic. It’s functioning perfectly for me. Reset your phone if necessary. Also, make sure your devices have the most recent software. It might potentially be caused by a significant software flaw. You may also try powering on and off your phone, as well as double-tapping the home button and swiping up to close the messaging tab, then refreshing it and checking the location again.

What does location not available mean?


It’s possible that the gadget is powered off or isn’t receiving any wifi cellular data. Location services of your friend could be switched off. The device is placed currently in a region that does not support the Find My Friends feature. 

Location not found vs location not available

“Location not found” is used because the location service isn’t functioning properly. “Location not available” means that most likely the iPhone you’re trying to connect has been turned off.

Can location still be seen if the phone is switched off?

The location may be found by utilizing the locate my app from Apple and searching for the last known location. However, this location is only available for 24 hours until it needs to be updated by turning the phone on or this location disappears.

What does it imply when Find My iPhone says the device was spotted an hour ago?

This means that the device was online an hour ago and then it went offline.

Does sharing my location work when the phone is switched off?

As a result, the answer is no. Smartphones include sensors that detect your position and are powered by the battery, so if the phone is switched off, the sensors are not activated, and no location sharing is possible.

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Does it say no location was found when the iPhone dies?

Location Tracking would not be able to investigate an iPhone’s whereabouts until it can access the internet or unless location services are off. If the batteries die, the iPhone’s functions are likewise halted, and it is unable to connect to the internet in order to record its whereabouts.

Can you tell when someone is checking your location?

Nope, when someone checks your location on Android or iOS, you will not be notified or given any indication. A small icon appears in the notification panel when location tracking uses GPS.A variety of apps or system operations might initiate a location search. Only your cell service provider has the ability to monitor you indefinitely.

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