How to Turn Off Seen on Instagram? [100% Working]

How to Turn Off Seen on Instagram?

Read receipts are pre-configured on Instagram. This implies that any texts you send on the app will have a Seen symbol next to them after they’ve been viewed by the receiver.

Is there a way to keep my Instagram DMs private?

If you really want to view their text without making them aware, this is the way to go. how at the top of your screen as soon as they send a message. Rather than clicking on it, read the notice. You could read the message and it would still not say you had “seen” it.

Messages on Instagram If you’re in Airplane Mode, you’ll be able to see what

  • Start by launching the Instagram application.
  • In the upper right, tap the Messenger symbol. 
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off and Airplane Mode is enabled.
  • Scroll down from the top of the display to get the Quick Settings Screen on Android. The airplane mode should be chosen.
  • Swipe down to access the Control Center and hit Airplane mode to activate airplane mode on your iPhone.
  • Activate airplane mode on your Android phone.
  • Your messages should be read.
  • Take a look at your messages.
  • After you’ve exited the inbox, go back to your profile page. Select the menu icon (three vertical lines).
  • At the bottom, tap Settings.
  • Log out by scrolling down and tapping the LogOut button.
  • Logging out of Instagram.
  • Disable the airplane mode.
  • Re-enter your username and password.

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Restrict an Account

Despite the fact that Instagram does not provide a convenient option to turn off read receipts, it does have another function that may be useful. The restriction is the name of this feature. You may have observed that if you limit someone’s Instagram account, they will require your permission to send you direct messages. This way, you can just read the content before granting them access.

To block a person on Instagram, do the following:

  • Go to Instagram and sign in.
  • Search for their username in your search box on your home page.
  • Visit read more about them, go to their personal page.
  • In the upper right corner of your screen, click the three dots.
  • Select the Restrict option from the drop-down menu.


For everyone who wants to read messages without being noticed, the technique we stated before is sufficient. However, it is ineffective. Consider the case when you don’t want anyone to know you’ve read their text. You’ll have to restrict and unrestricted each correspondent in that instance. If you manage a business account or are an influencer, the recurrence may be extremely irritating. We strongly advise you to seek the help of a third-party DM manager in cases like this to act more professional manner. This section will demonstrate how to utilize DMPro to disable read receipts, improve message accuracy, and mask your activity when using Instagram’s messenger.

DMPro is a professional assistant that helps you keep track of your Instagram direct messages. You can send and receive DMs more effortlessly using this fantastic application. You can, for example, mass direct an arbitrary number of people at the same time. You may also filter the recipients.

To turn off read receipts, use the Inbox to Email feature.

Connecting your DM inbox to your email address is one of the greatest methods to switch off read receipts and read DMs secretly. This provides you with several benefits. You may, for example, conceal your Instagram activity while your active status is active. Let alone being able to keep track of your Instagram DMs in an orderly and professional manner. Follow the steps below to link your Inbox to your DM using DMPro.

  • Register for DMpro for free.
  • Go to your Instagram account and sign in.
  • Locate your account on your Dashboard and select the Manage Account option.
  • Open the DM TO EMAIL tab under the Direct Messages pane.
  • Locate your account at the bottom of the page.

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Can I turn off DMS on Instagram?

People send each other direct messages, or “DMs,” to exchange Instagram content and converse informally. Despite the fact that Instagram is a user-friendly platform, there is no official method to disable the Direct Message feature altogether.

How to turn off seen on Instagram stories?

If you use Instagram stories, you should be aware that if you open someone’s story, they will be able to track you. If you’ve opened the store, they’ll be able to view your name and profile. It does, however, have benefits and drawbacks. It can be handy since the people you’re following can see that you’re interested in their tales. On the other hand, it is appropriate for a user account that informs them of a number of the viewer and other metrics. Regrettably, there is no alternative for users to conceal their viewed status on Instagram stories on the platform itself.

There are various more applications where you may login into your Instagram account and view other people’s stories anonymously thanks to technology. Just remember to tap on the name rather than the profile image, as the latter will take you to the Instagram app.