How Much is a Raichu Pokemon Card Worth? [2022]

Raichu Pokemon is worth $500 USD

How Much is a Raichu Pokemon Card Worth

The Raichu POKEMON Card was released in 2020 and has been rare etc. Raichu is a critter upright walking Pokémon. Raichu has a dark orange coat and a white underbelly. Its split ears have a unique curl which from the outside are brown and yellow on the interior. It has a dark brown nose with a trapezoidal shape and a round yellow marking on each cheek where its electric sacs are located. It bears a lightning bolt-shaped termination to its long, slender tail. Females have this lightning bolt chipped. Raichu’s entire body emits a modest electrical charge and glows dimly in the dark.

Raichu is highly self-assured, loyal, and stronger than Pikachu, making them competitors, yet it can also be just as nice and charming. If it accumulates too much energy in its system, though, it’ll become irritable and hostile. However, some of them are fearful and may flee from strangers. Raichu is Pikachu’s advanced form and Pichu’s last developmental phase. Pikachu may utilize a Thunder Stone to develop into any type of Raichu, however, in Sun and Moon, only Alolan Raichu will evolve.

Alolan Raichu is typically more lively than their regular equivalents. They float in mid-air and ride waves with their surfboard-like tails. They release both lightning and a yummy scent when their cheeks are touched. Raichu obtained this mutation after consuming a diet of fluffy pancakes, which are a popular specialty in the Alola region, according to locals.


  • Card Number:050/203 
  • Card Type / HP / Stage:Lightning / 130 / Stage 1
  • Attack 1: Big Sparking
  • Attack 2: Thunderbolt 180
  • Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Cost:Fx2 / None / 2

Card Worth: $500 USD

  • Released Year: 2020
  • Rarity: Holo Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

Raichu Type

Raichu is a lightning pokemon. Lightning Varieties (Electric in computer games) have several good assistance cards, but they also have such flaws that keep them from ever being a primary menace. Because of their support cards, Lightning decks shouldn’t have to bother very much about accumulating basic Energy Cards for their Kind. The evolution through time of the pokemon card game

Raichu POKEMON Worth Chart 2022

Variety of cards available

Energy cards, Pokémon character cards, and Trainer cards are the 3 kinds of cards that may be found in any particular hand in the Pokémon world.

Character cards

Every Pokemon has a kind, including such Flame, Aqua, Psychological, Metallic, or Dragon (there will be 11 inside the trading card game). In the upper left-hand corner of every Pokémon card, you’ll see how “developed” the pokémon is—whether it’s in its basic version, Phase One form, or Phase Two version. Mythical Pokémon are the gleaming cards that your youngsters would be most likely after. They do not advance and are among the greatest formidable cards in the trading card game, and they are exclusively available in booster packages.

Energy cards

Such cards are required to keep the Pokémon alive during the battle, and you’ll discover them in every box. Notable Power cards provide a particular sort of boost based on your Pokémon’s type.

Trainer cards

These would be cards that you may use to represent things, followers, and venues throughout combat. On such cards, any extra restrictions are listed at the bottom. During each round, each player can play new Basic Pokémon, develop their Pokémon, play Trainer, and Power cards, and employ Pokémon Capabilities. A player can also withdraw their Active Pokémon and replace it with one from the Bench. At the end of the game, a player could employ one of their Active Pokémon’s abilities considering that the required number and types of energy are available.

The worth and value of a Raichu card are quite high, Only ten to twenty Pre-Release Raichu cards are accessible globally, making them one of the most valuable Pokemon trading cards.

What is Pokémon?

Pokémon is a Japanese video game series that has been active for almost twenty years (the 25th milestone will be in 2021!). Pokémon is a TV program, a collectible card activity, video games, and merchandise based on the Japanese word for “pocket monsters.” pokemon are creatures that live in the wild with or without their trainer. The trainer’s objective is to “capture them all, that means the whole 800 of them.

What are you supposed to do with Pokémon cards?

Youthful children are more likely to simply gather and exchange cards. They might feel like playing the trading card game while they start to pursue reading. The objective of acquiring the cards is to assemble a 60-card hand that will assist you to defeat other trainers in fights. Your child, on the other hand, maybe more interested in collecting the cards he enjoys or considers worthwhile. Because each deck of cards is unique, if your child doesn’t seem to have (or only a few), you might want to start with a thematic deck: a set of 60 playing cards packaged in a tiny paper package or tin container.

Motif cards also include a token and cardboard markings that may be used in games to determine who plays initially or tally harm, although dice could also be used as a substitute. Different packaging for cards include tins, ten-card starter packs, and blister packs. Every time a new season of the TV program airs, fresh cards are published. The dawn of a novel season generally corresponds to the announcement of a fresh computer game. Because the collectible card game is currently in its eighth generation, all subsequent sets of cards will have the title “Sword & Shield” printed on the container.