How Much is a Pikachu Card Worth? [2022]

Pikachu Illustrator Card is worth $900,000 USD

The Pikachu POKEMON Card was released in 1998 and has been rare etc That’s not simply a Pikachu card’s pinnacle. And for its uniqueness, many consider this to be the pinnacle of all Pokemon cards. The card, which displays drawings by Pikachu’s artist name Atsuko Nishida, was presented as a prize in the famed CoroCoro Comic’s illustration contest. What causes it so uncommon? Only 39 copies were made, with 23 of them being PSA graded. In contrast, when you contemplate that a PSA 7 sold for $375k, you can only imagine what a PSA 8, 9, or even a single PSA 10 could sell for!


  • Basic Pokémon HP60
  • Quick Attack 20+

  • Weakness – Fighting×2

  • XY 42/146 Common

Card Worth: $900,000 USD

  • Released Year: 1998
  • Rarity: Common
  • Game: Pokemon

24k Gold Ginza Japan Pikachu

It’s made of 24 Karat gold, for crying out loud! However, given the partnership with Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, a 20-day from before the period, and a retail value of $2,100, it’s no surprise that this rising collectible has soared in value six-fold in only 5 years. It’s just wishful thinking.

Pikachu POKEMON Worth Chart 2022

This card is the strangest in extant, with only a few and the distribution across the world. A Pikachu Designer card that isn’t in excellent shape is apparently worth $50,000 because of its uniqueness. Both of these cards were bought for $100,000 on eBay in 2014 in immaculate condition. The Pikachu Designer Promo Card is regarded as “the world’s most precious materials Pokémon card.” It even includes artwork from Atsuko Nishida, Pikachu’s original artist. Pokemon cards were always attractive since according to Google Searches, there has been a significant uptick in queries. The first day of October is when you’ll notice a surge in demand for Pokemon cards all throughout the world.

Is it possible to sell these old Action figures you have laying around someplace, though, with so many diverse kinds of Pokemon cards available at various prices? We were curious to know! Over 1000 Pokemon cards were grabbed from eBay lately by ParseHub. We discovered a number of facts, including the simplest and most costly item, the most common Pokemon cards, and the country with the best overall sales. We found 1,050 Pokemon cards on eBay, which were purchased for $77,807.42 CAD. $74.10 is the average.

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Topsun cards from Japan are an interesting part of Pokemon lore. There had been 150 cards in all, one for each Pokemon, with 16 of them featuring the refract hologram feature seen above. Each box includes two pieces of bubblegum and two Pokemon cards, which was unusual. But here’s where the rarity kicks in: just one iridescent card was found in every 40 packs…can you picture that some of these days?! So, too, were they extremely difficult to pull off, but we also threw the ever Pikachu mascot, as well as a PSA 10. Only 14 PSA 10s exist, earning this one of the greatest and greatest Pikachu cards ever made.

E-Card Pikachu 

This next Pikachu card is rather interesting. At first sight, this appears to be a standard Pikachu from the Adventure collection. However, a tiny set of 10 promotional ‘sample’ cards were designed to show how they functioned with both the e-Reader at conferences. These cards are not made public, yet nevertheless found their end up in the hands of enthusiasts. Only 22 PSA-rated Pikachu sample cards exist, indicating how uncommon they are. PSA 10 grail status was reached by 16 of them. These sample cards are a part of Pokemon history, and they were a groundbreaking breakthrough at the time.

Rarity symbol Pikachu 

There is no evidence as to which was done on purpose or due to a publishing accident, but we do remember that it was altered relatively quickly and included the sign. The ‘no scarcity indicator’ cards are usually regarded as the Japanese counterpart of the English 1st Edition Base Set. As a result, they have a tiny area and are prized by hobbyists.

Gold star Pikachu 

This is particularly true of the EX Holon Specters set from either the EX Ruby or Sapphire period. Mewtwo, and, obviously, Pikachu is the 3 ‘golden star’ decks in the set. Keep an eye out for the medal next to the term ‘Pikachu.’ This adds to the image of how uncommon this card is. With just 98 PSA 10s in circulation and only a few unopened EX Holon Demons boost packages surviving in the globe (one is on eBay for $60k just at the time of this writing), the graded demographic is unlikely to grow significantly in the future. Finally, this is a low-pop, iridescent, and highly uncommon pursuit of Pikachu — it’s no surprise it’s so valuable!

Revolution of Pokemon 

Pokemon is one of the initial games, Pocket Monsters Red and Green, were launched in Japan in 1996 for the Game Boy and were subsequently renamed Pokémon Red and Blue beyond Japan. They were produced by Satoshi Tajiri with collaboration from Ken Encroachment. The “core franchise” of vocation video games (RPGs), as described by their creators, has been maintained on each edition of Nintendo’s handhelds]. Pokémon Classics: Arceus, the most current core game franchise, was published on January 28, 2012, for the Nintendo Switch.

The Pokémon Company manages all of the licensed Pokémon assets, which are loosely separated by iteration. These decades are essentially historic groupings based on publication; when an acknowledged second in the main role-playing gameplay is released, that movie has marked the commencement of a young crop of the brand, with new Pokémon, personalities, and maybe new gameplay elements. When a new generation of Pokémon begins, the primary games and associated spin-offs, as well as the movie, manga, and trading card game, are all familiar with the latest Pokémon assets. Pokémon Sword and Shield, which were launched globally on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019, marked the start of the franchise’s eighth and present generation.

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