How Much is a Mewtwo Pokemon Card Worth? [2022]

Mewtwo POKEMON is worth $2499.99 USD

How Much is a Mewtwo Pokemon Card Worth

The Mewtwo POKEMON Card was released in 2016 and has been rare etc. Mewtwo is a scientifically developed Pokémon. It’s a bipedal, humanoid Pokémon with feline-like characteristics. It has a long violet tail and is mostly grey. Two small, blunt horns protrude from its head, and purple eyes adorn its face. Its neck is bypassed by a pipe that stretches from the rear of its head to the top of its vertebrae. It features a breastplate-like torso and shoulders.

Circular points can be seen on the three digits of both hands and feet. It has a wide tail at first, then it thins down before terminating in a little bulb. Mega Mewtwo X is a bigger and heavier version of Mewtwo X.

It has longer horns that grow from V-shaped ridges on its forehead. The spikes are also now sharp and curving forward. The body is smooth and compact in comparison to the lengthy, heavy limbs, and the collar and underbelly are connected by a Y-shaped line.


  • Basic Pokémon HP 130
  • Psychic 20+

  • Weakness – P×2

Card Worth: $2499.99 USD

  • Released Year: 2016
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Game: Pokemon

It now has two elevated ridges on its forearms and thighs, and its digits are longer and slimmer. The tail is curled at the tip and is somewhat shorter and stiffer than previously. It has psionic powers implanted in its musculature, giving it a one-ton grasp strength and the capacity to sprint 100 meters in two seconds. It is seen to be able to lengthen its arms and legs when performing fighting maneuvers.


Mewtwo is psychic-type pokemon. In the same way, as Fairies may use their skills to impact every one of the Pokemon upon the battlefield, Psychic Classes can do the same. Colorless Power is also used by Psychic Classes for many of their techniques, enabling Psychic Pokmon to utilize their techniques immediately off.

Mewtwo POKEMON Worth Chart 2022

How to obtain cards

Determine which type of cards you would like to acquire and why. Selling cards typically serve two functions, and in the case of Pokémon cards, you may alternately gather them for the sake of chasing them down or acquire them to engage in the Pokémon Trading Card Tournament. If all you want is to accumulate and showcase decks, you can go in whatever route you like with the disposition of cards you acquire.

You may gather Pokémon depending on their kinds, card qualities, pairings, or really any criteria you can conceive of. Trading and acquiring Pokémon cards may be done in a variety of ways.

Pokémon cards may be obtained in a number of formats in stores, including pre-built decks, promo cards bundled with a few packs, 36-pack booster boxes, and solitary packs. Several individuals are only interested in collecting exceptional or unique cards, whilst many are searching for specific Pokémon or attempting to capture them all together. Making your selection more detailed might aid you to limit your seek from the 700+ Pokémon that occur today.


  • Rarity is a law that governs how difficult it would be to locate a card, and it is indicated by a mark upon the bottom right of the card:
  • Typical (black circle mark), unusual (black diamond), and rare (black diamond) cards are the easiest to locate (black star).
  • Holofoil rare (black star with iridescent art), extremely rare (white star), and hidden rare cards are more difficult to come by 
  • Full art (just art) cards, EX (with EX written next to pokemon name), and reversal holos are among the highly searched cards. Such cards are restricted run and in immaculate shape may be quite valuable.

What are ex and gx?

Certain Pokémon cards are much more strong and feature nicer pictures since they have “EX” or “GX” written directly next to the Pokémon title. They’re greatly sought after by small children since they may be sparkly or iridescent at times.

Variety of cards available

Energy cards, Pokémon character cards, and Trainer cards are the 3 kinds of cards that may be found in any particular hand in the Pokémon world.

Character cards

Every Pokemon has a kind, including Flame, Aqua, Psychological, Metallic, or Dragon (there will be 11 inside the trading card game). In the upper left-hand corner of every Pokémon card, you’ll see how “developed” the pokémon is—whether it’s in its basic version, Phase One form, or Phase Two version. Mythical Pokémon are the gleaming cards that your youngsters would be most likely after. They do not advance and are among the greatest formidable cards in the trading card game, and they are exclusively available in booster packages.

Energy cards

Such cards are required to keep the Pokémon alive during the battle, and you’ll discover them in every box. Notable Power cards provide a particular sort of boost based on your Pokémon’s type.

Trainer cards

These would be cards that you may use to represent things, followers, and venues throughout combat. On such cards, any extra restrictions are listed at the bottom. During each round, each player can play new Basic Pokémon, develop their Pokémon, play Trainer, and Power cards, and employ Pokémon Capabilities. A player can also withdraw their Active Pokémon and replace it with one from the Bench. At the end of the game, a player could employ one of their Active Pokémon’s abilities considering that the required number and types of energy are available.

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