How Much is a Mew Pokemon Card Worth? [2022]

Mew POKEMON is worth $3000 USD

How Much is a Mew Pokemon Card Worth

The Mew POKEMON Card was released in 2013 and has been rare etc Mew is a cat-like Pokémon with tiny, pointy ears, piercing blue eyes, a lengthy, slender tail with a big protrusion at the base, and enormous, three-toed paws. It’s hidden behind a coating of fine, pink hair that can only be seen under microscopy. It features little, orange paw pads on the undersides of its feet and incredibly short arms with three fingers on each paw.


  • Basic Pokémon HP 40
  • Psyshot 30

  • Weakness – Dx2

  • XY 42/146

Card Worth: $3000 USD

  • Released Year: 2013
  • Rarity: Holo Rare
  • Game: Pokemon


Mew’s Genetics is reported to have the genetic structure of every extant Pokémon breed, permitting it to use all known Pokémon moves (as well as Pokémon’s Exclusive Z-Moves, with the exception of Ultra Necrozma’s Z-Move). It can also de-evolve Pokémon due to its control of every Pokémon’s DNA, as demonstrated in the TCG by its moves Devolution Beam and Devo Crush.

Amidst being dubbed “the elder of all Pokémon,” it is unclear whether Mew was the first Pokémon. It was the first that was branded, but Arceus is said to have been lonely when it was birthed, and Arceus formed other Pokémon, so it is unclear whether Mew was conceived first and then created Arceus, or if Arceus created Mew to hold the DNA of all Pokémon that Arceus created after that.

Mew POKEMON Worth Chart 2022

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Are mew Pokemon cards rare?

The cards’ rarity is dependent on the units made and units in motion in the community.How can you know whether a Pokémon card is uncommon? The value of such a card is indicated by a little emblem in the bottom right corner. A ring on your card denotes that it is ordinary, a gem denotes that it is unusual, and a stellar one denotes that it is exceptional. Holographic cards, for example, would forever contain stars on them.

Pokémon expansion & booster packs

A fresh batch of cards published inside a cycle or sequence is known as an expansion. Each expansion adds 100-200 different cards to the game. It is not possible to buy a complete expansion in one go. Conversely, you buy those in booster packs, and those are 10-card sets that you may spend to contribute to your existing stock. Booster packs are normally oriented around a certain extension, so the card included could be either card from that collection. 

Rare Mew Card

Mew Star (Delta Species)

Mew Star is a Super Unique from the 2006 set Dragon Frontiers, and it displays the shining form of Mew — that is, a different color scheme from the one shown in card art. But it isn’t the only thing that differentiates this card from the rest. WotC postponed the expected shipping of Dragon Frontiers prerelease boxes due to shipment difficulties. But not until the merchandise had apparently arrived in certain retailers. Noone really understands precisely how many of those are left to this day.

Is Mew a good Pokémon card?

Because Mew is a Basic Pokémon, you’ll have far less to worry about: you may Reserve it right from your deck, with no special techniques or extra cards necessary. Mew is a bit of a disappointment, considering it barely has 60 HP. Simply told, Mew is a simple card, however Level Ball allows you alternative means to get it out of your hand.

Types of Cards


In the Trading game, the Colorless Kind is the video game’s version of the Ordinary Kind. The fact that any Power Type may be employed as a Colorless Energy demands for any action is one of its strongest features. Colorless have their very unique Energy Card, Duo Colorless, For the Pokemon linked to it, this adds two Colorless Energy to the pool.


Dragon Forms are among the most recent additions to the Pokemon Energy Category Pool, and is also one of the least desirable. Dragon, with exception of any additional Energy Type in the game, doesn’t have Energy Cards associated with it. To be capable of attacking, every Dragon Type Pokemon must use two completely distinct Energy Kinds.


Steel Varieties from the video game are assigned the Kind Metal in the Trading game. Whereas the Pokemon version includes a plethora of defenses, the Trading game version does not. Pokemon can only withstand one kind in the Trading game, therefore their strongest ability in the video game isn’t carried across.


In the same way as Fairies may use their skills to impact every one of the Pokemon upon the battlefield, Psychic Classes can do the same. Colorless Power is also used by Psychic Classes for many of their techniques, enabling Psychic Pokmon to utilise their techniques immediately off. During each round, each player can play new Basic Pokémon, develop their Pokémon, play Trainer and Power cards, and employ Pokémon Capabilities.

A player can also withdraw their Active Pokémon and replace it with one from the Bench. At the end of the game, a player could employ one of their Active Pokémon’s abilities considering that the required number and types of energy is available.

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