How Big is Australia Compared to the US?

Australia is about 1.3 times bigger than USA

Australia Compared to the US

As we see Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world, which is about 7.692 sq km. It is the population density of Australia. Whereas if we compare the population density of Australia with other countries like the US (United States), the population density of the UK is 35.71 sq km whereas Australia is only 3 people km2.  As we see Australia by measuring the population against the land, the density of Australia is very low in the world.  

General information

Countries Australia United States
Region: Australia/New Zealand North America
Area: 7,741,220 km² 9,831,510 km²
Official language: English English
Government form: Parliamentary democracy (under constitutional monarchy) Federal presidential republic
Independent since: 1901 AD 1776 AD
Capital: Canberra Washington, D.C.

How developed in Australia compared to the US

The rate of the US is 5th and the rate of Australia is 2nd. There are cultural differences in both countries. Australia is more advanced than the US. Australia is more advanced in many ways. They are different but they seem to look the same. The cities of the US are bigger than the cities of Australia. If we compare the US and AUSTRALIA, Australia has a better score on human freedom. In Australia, most citizens have high-quality medical treatment. Australia has some very good facilities for its people. But in Australia, everything is expensive, which every person can’t afford. If you have a good budget then you can easily afford everything without facing difficulties.

Australia’s population density is very low. The population density of the US is 35.71 sq km and Australia is only 3 people km2.

Population Comparison

Population Australia United States
Population: 25,687,000 329,484,000
Inhabitants/km²: 3.3 33.5
Life expectancy males: Ø 81 years Ø 76 years
Life expectancy females: Ø 85 years Ø 81 years
Average age: Ø 37.5 years Ø 38.5 years
Birthrate: 12.10 ‰ 11.40 ‰
Death rate: 6.70 ‰ 8.70 ‰
Migration rate: 7.49 ‰ 3.03 ‰

Quality of life

Quality of life Australia United States
Political stability: 90 67
Civil rights: 92 81
Health: 86 73
Climate: 90 66
Cost of Living: 10 19
Popularity: 41 67

Pros and cons of living in Australia

There are so many problems and comforts for the people who are living in Australia and the people who are going to Australia face many’s difficult for new people to adjust to Australia.

✅In Australia, medical care is free for all.❌Everything in Australia is very expensive.
✅Pensioners only have a discount on things like haircuts, restaurants, flats, etc. They have discounts on all things.❌If you want to get a visa in Australia you need to pass the medical exam.
✅In Australia, most people have a friendly nature.❌Traveling from Australia is the most time-consuming in the world.
✅The weather is not too cold, the weather is sunny, good and normal. Not too cold.❌In Australia, there is no culture.
✅It is not too crowded.❌The government of Australia is corrupted.
✅The medical health care system is satisfied.❌The speed of the internet, buses, and trains in Australia is very slow.
✅In Australia, you see beaches everywhere.❌In Australia, rents are too expensive.
✅It is safe from crimes.❌Most people in Australia are ignorant.
✅The food is clean.
✅In Australia the government is supportive and life is very good.
✅There are so many varieties of beers and wines.
✅In Australia, weekends are never boring.

The population of Australia is 25,499,884 and the population of the USA is 331,002,651.

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Economy Australia United States
Currency: Australian Dollar
(1 AUD = 100 Cents)
US Dollar
(1 USD =100 Cents)
Unemployment rate: 6.5 % 8.1 %
Inflation rate: 0.85 % 1.23 %
Cost of Living: 121.57 % 112.46 %
Commercial taxes and contributions: 47.40 % 36.60 %
Average income: 53,690 US$ 64,530 US$
Corruption index: 73 (good) 67 (moderate)

How big is Australia compared to Europe?

Australia is larger than Europe. Australia is the largest city and Europe is the smallest city. The population of Australia is larger than in Europe. It is a big country. It is almost 0.76 times bigger as compared to Europe. Australia is bigger than Europe. 

Compared to the US Australia is smaller. Australia is smaller than the United States.

How big is Australia compared to Africa?

Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world but as compared to Africa it is 3.93 times smaller than Africa. A population of 26 million covered Australia but Africa covers 6% of the surface of the earth and 20% of land area. It comes on the 6th number.

Australia is smaller than the US.

How big is Australia compared to China?

China is the largest country, about smaller than Australia. 14 billion more people live in China. Australia is 24% smaller than china. China is 9,596,960 sq km and Australia is 7,741,220 sq km, making China bigger than Australia. China is the biggest country in Australia. China has a larger population than Australia. Australia is smaller than China because China is bigger than Australia.

According to, the comparison of size between Australia and us in Australia is 78.72% of US in size.

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Is Australia bigger than the UK?

As compared to the UK, Australia is bigger than the UK. The UK is 32 smaller than Australia. The population of the UK is 65.8 million people where 40.3 million more than Uk live in Australia. The UK is 3,078% smaller than Australia. The UK is 243,610 sq km and Australia is 7,741,220 sq km which makes Australia the largest country than the UK.

Australia is 27%times smaller than the US.Us are 27% bigger than Australia.

How big is Australia compared to texas?

Texas is smaller than Australia. Australia is a bigger country than texas. Australia is bigger than texas. This difference makes Australia 1,042 times bigger than texas. Texas is 1,042 times smaller than Australia. As I see this difference there is also a difference between their population. The population of people who live in Texas is about 25.1 million and the population of people in Australia is 320,898 more. There is less population in Texas than the population of Australia. 

Australia is 1.3 times smaller than the US (United States)

How big Is Australia Actually?

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