How Big is Africa Compared to US? [Numbers]

Africa is 3 times as big than the US.

How Big is Africa Compared to the US?

Africa is a bigger century than most. Africa is spread on 6% of the earth. It is also spread on the island at about 20%. Africa is as large as Europe. Africa is about 11.7 million sq km. Africa is such a larger country. It is the 2nd in the world. It is the most popular. It is also popular with its population. Africa is larger than Europe.

According to the world map, the real size of Africa is 30 million sq km.

General information

South Africa United States
Region: Southern Africa North America
Area: 1,219,090 km² 9,831,510 km²
Official language: Zulu English
Government form: Parliamentary republic Federal presidential republic
Independent since: 1910 AD 1776 AD
Capital: Pretoria Washington, D.C.


Population South Africa United States
Population: 59,309,000 329,484,000
Inhabitants/km²: 48.6 33.5
Life expectancy males: Ø 61 years Ø 76 years
Life expectancy females: Ø 68 years Ø 81 years
Average age: Ø 28.0 years Ø 38.5 years
Birthrate: 20.13 ‰ 11.40 ‰
Death rate: 9.40 ‰ 8.70 ‰
Migration rate: -0.12 ‰ 3.03 ‰

Africa’s continent compared to the rest of the world Why?

According to the mass land, Asia is the number 1 continent and Africa is 2ns continent of the world. As we know that the map was created in 1596, a long time has passed. The map Mercator projection has the right shapes but it shows the wrong sizes. As compared to the other maps google map is better. Google maps use flat panels, due to a problem that persists, anyway google map considers the less printed map.

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Quality of life

Quality of life South Africa United States
Political stability: 49 67
Civil rights: 54 81
Health: 31 73
Climate: 95 66
Cost of Living: 51 36
Popularity: 42 67


Economy South Africa United States
Currency: South African Rand
(1 ZAR = 100 Cents)
US Dollar
(1 USD =100 Cents)
Unemployment rate: 29.2 % 8.1 %
Inflation rate: 3.22 % 1.23 %
Cost of Living: 47.64 % 112.46 %
Commercial taxes and contributions: 29.20 % 36.60 %
Average income: 6,010 US$ 64,530 US$
Corruption index: 44 (bad) 67 (moderate)

Africa is smaller on the map why?

The map that was made in 1596, is called a Mercator map projection. It shows Africa smaller on the map and Russia, and Greenland huge on the map. The new map shows the perfect size of Africa and others on the map.

Africa is Always depicted as smaller than North America Why?

According to research and maps, Africa is much bigger than North America. If you want to add Europe, Australia, and North America in Africa you can add them easily in Africa. Africa is huge. Due to navigation, the Mercator map is famous. It shows the wrong size of the countries. But if you see the new map you get the correct ideas about the sizes of the countries. And the thing is the size of the Sahara Desert is not equal. your knowledge about the Sahara desert was wrong.

The Sahara desert of Africa is 3.5 million sq km and the Sahara desert of North America is 9.5 million sq km. Africa is not depicted as smaller than North America. Africa is a beautiful place. 

As compared to the other continent Africa is such a huge continent at the 2nd number.

Africa compared to other continents

As we know that Africa is a beautiful and big place. In Africa, there are 54 continents and more than 20 billion people are living in Africa. It is spread on 20% of land area. It is big enough to fit every other continent inside. Africa is the world’s largest continent. If all continents of the world come together, these all can fit in Africa. There are many famous rivers but the river of Africa, the Nile, is the longest in the entire world. Africa is a larger continent.

It is as large as you can imagine that Africa gives the houses to the other continents. Africa is roughly 4 times greater than right now. Africa is a huge continent that can cover all other continents of the world inside.

How big is Africa compared to Europe?

Africa is the largest continent after Asia. Europe is number 6th. Europe is 4million sq km and Africa is 11,730,000 sq km. It is spread 2% of the earth’s surface and Africa is spread on 6% of the earth’s surface. It is spread 6.8% of the earth’s land area and Africa is spread 20% of the earth’s land area. After the comparison of both, you have got the idea that Africa is larger than Europe. Europe is smaller than Africa. Africa is shown smaller on the map just because of one method whose name is Mercator map projection. 

How big is Africa compared to Asia?

If you think that Africa is larger than Asia then you are wrong because Asia is the largest. Asia is one and a half  Europe bigger than Africa. Asia is bigger in all things like population surface and land area than Africa. The population of Asia is a total of 4.684 billion and the total population of Africa is 1.375 billion. As we know that Africa is very big but Asia is bigger than Africa.

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How big is Africa compared to Russia?

Africa is 30 million sq km whereas Russia is 17 million sq km but the Mercator map shows Russia greater than Africa on the map. If you use the equator then you can see how much larger Africa is. Africa is about 2 times larger than Russia. Africa is as large as it can fit 2 Russia in it. And the area of Africa is also much larger than the area of Russia. If you can see the new map it will show you how much larger Africa is than Russia. So if you want to see the actual size of Africa and Russia then you should see the new map which shows you everything perfectly.

How big is Africa compared the U.S.?

The real size of Africa