Cost of Living in Canada vs UK 【Prices 2022】

The Average Cost of living in Canada is 5.9% cheaper than United Kingdom

Cost of Living in Canada vs UK

Life is very simple and amazing in the UK.  As in Canada you can easily get immigration and settling there permanently is not very difficult. The public holidays and working hours are also very flexible. Both the cost of living in Canada depends upon the surroundings. While on the other hand weather conditions in Canada are very restricted. It is quite cold and one of the biggest problems in settling permanently in Canada is that it has greater unemployment rates. Moving to the UK can be a great option as it has a frenetic pace of life. People are very helpful and caring.

Cost of Living Canada vs UK

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Where is it more expensive to live in Canada or the UK?

Living in Canada is more expensive in terms of food, rent, and work. On the other hand, the UK is quite cheaper. The cost of living in Canada vs the UK is very expensive but if you term the modern lifestyle Canada is best for that. So you have to choose wisely where you want to live easily.

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PAY 1.0% LESS FOR RESTAURANTS  United Kingdom   Canada 
Basic meal with drink at an inexpensive restaurant $17.81


Fast food combo meal

McDonald’s, or similar


Bottle of Coca-Cola (0.33 liter) $1.86


PAY 40.1% MORE FOR GROCERIES  United Kingdom   Canada 

1 loaf


Local cheese (500 grams) $3.82


Milk (1 liter) $1.27


PAY 25.2% LESS FOR TRANSPORTATION  United Kingdom   Canada 
Gasoline (1 liter) $1.78


Monthly public transit pass $100.97


New Volkswagen Golf 1.4 (standard edition) $26,928.94


PAY 2.2% MORE FOR HOUSING  United Kingdom   Canada 
Internet connection

50 Mbps or faster, cable/DSL


1-Bedroom apartment in downtown area $1,061.39


1-Bedroom apartment outside the city center $877.47


PAY 40.5% LESS FOR CHILDCARE  United Kingdom   Canada 
Private preschool for 1 child, monthly $1,257.47


Middle school for 1 child, two semesters $17,904.66


Average -40.5%
Domestic/local beer $5.04


Cappuccino in the mid-range area $3.81


Pack of cigarettes

Marlboro or similar


PAY 6.3% LESS FOR CLOTHING  United Kingdom   Canada 
Regular jeans

Levi’s brand


Regular dress

from H&M or similar store


Running shoes

Nike or Adidas



Is it a good idea to move from Canada to the UK? 

Yes, it can be a great idea. As in Canada, career opportunities are very few. There is less chance of savings. Also, the cost of living in Canada vs UK and transportation is very expensive and services are not upto the mark. While in the UK there are great transportation facilities and it doesn’t cost a lot. No crazy people are asking for tickets on roads where you can go on a smooth journey. While in Canada it’s the opposite. So, in my opinion, it is a great idea to move to the UK from Canada.

Are salaries higher in Canada or the UK?

Salaries are higher in Canada than in the UK. As the salary depends upon the work experience. So according to various research, it is proved that Canada has a high salary rate. As Canada is the most educated country around the globe.

Is Canada safer than the UK?

Every country has its benefits either Canada or the UK. There are no crime rates in Canada and counties in the UK by the cost of real estate while in the UK you will find a higher crime rate. So it is proved that Canada is a safer country to live in.

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What is the difference b\w UK vs Canada minimum wage?

Canada’s average wage is higher than the UK. The minimum wage in Canada is about $3,217.43 and in the UK it is $3,109.14. In Canada, this is likewise the situation since every region has its lowest pay permitted by law, which prompts higher wages here. Cost of living in Canada vs the UK has numerous ex-taps moved to Canada for work in ventures like mining, innovation, and assembling, where everybody compensated fairly. Hence, the normal insights may not give a total picture.

What is the tax comparison between the two? 

Tax got from a domain or trust inhabitant in Canada by an occupant of the UK who is the gainful proprietor thereof might be burdened in Canada as per its regulation, yet the assessment so charged will not surpass 15% of the net measure of the pay. As per the OECD, as a level of GDP complete duty taken in Canada is almost 40% while in the UK it is underneath 35%. You can see this in the assessments on a singular’s compensation underneath. Notwithstanding, despite offering more in duty, annuities, and medical care protection consolidated in Canada, you are even more than £1,600 lucky to be in Canada than in the UK, in light of normal wages and the current conversion standard.

Sales tax: which country is better? 

According to the research Canada is way better than the UK in terms of sales tax. As tax rates increase and decrease according to the Government decisions.

Income taxes: which country is better?

Tax is the biggest gain of every country. Income tax is imposed in every country. But Canada is perfect for handling all the taxes. This country is well settled and has proper procedures according to the requirements.

UK or Canada, which is better for immigration?

If you go through the immigration process from the UK you will see a small, extraordinary, wonderful country with lots of activities and appreciation socially. Living turns out to be more affordable as you move out of the urban communities into the edges or open country.  It has an incredible government assistance framework, extraordinary wellbeing framework (NHS), and occupations that are accessible and this has drawn in outsiders who need to work. Notwithstanding the cost of living in Canada vs the UK things have changed since the deluge of outsiders.

Bigotry has expanded, strict enthusiasm has expanded, upkeep of frameworks has either declined or is quickly crumbling because the request is rapidly eclipsing supply and the government can’t the eep up. On the other hand for Canada it is proven that it has a bigger country, a tremendous field of land, greater homes, greater streets and wonderful street organization, multi-social, not so friendly as the UK. Companions live far away from one another and may require months and here and their years to see one another.

In contrast to the U.K. Where the vehicle framework is amazing and you can without much of a stretch leap on the train or transport whenever all day, every day every which way. Life is quiet, individuals are by and large quite obliging, bigotry isn’t so uncontrolled as in the UK, joblessness is low contrasted with the UK, way of life is higher than in the U.K. Open doors are accessible for the individuals who need to carry on with work. The well-being framework is superior to the UK.

What is the cost of living in the UK compared to other countries? 

The average cost of living in the UK can be higher than in most different nations on the planet. The normal typical cost for basic items as a group of four is around £2,268 without a house lease. As a solitary individual or understudy, the assessed average cost for basic items each month in the UK is £651 without a lease.

Canada vs the UK for international students, which is better?

UK and Canada have for quite some time been well-known Study Abroad objections for worldwide understudies. As you have likely noticed, every nation has its advantages as an international student. The cost of living in Canada vs the UK is home to a portion of the world’s best colleges and is increasing to help global understudies after graduation. Canada has the advantage of lower by and large expenses of study and residing, and has long given worldwide understudies adaptable post-concentrate on work amazing open doors.

Canada has the absolute least expensive educational expenses for worldwide understudies contrasted with the UK. The UK is somewhat higher in living expenses contrasted with Canada. To concentrate on just, then, at that point, the UK is a better choice, yet to take care of business and need to settle down permanently after finishing of study, then, at that point, Canada is the most ideal choice.

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