Cost of Living in Australia vs Canada 【Prices 2022】

The Average Cost of living in Canada is 13.4% Cheaper than Australia

Cost of Living in Australia vs Canada

Canada and Australia are 2 huge countries that manage similarly and welcome people from all areas of lifestyle and countries. Emotional pleasure, social effect, commercial enterprise soul, economic effects, and basic manageability are all reasons to live in Canada. In comparison to Australia, the cost of living in Canada varies a lot depending on where you live. The economies of the two countries are dependent on common resources. Minerals are important to Australia, while oil is important to Canada. Furthermore, as global demand for these things grows, so will the two countries’ financial prospects.

In Australia, the usual price of needed goods ($1942) is 14 percent higher than in Canada ($1702). Australia was rated tenth on the list of the world’s most expensive nations, while Canada was twenty-first. In Australia, the standard after-charge salary is enough to meet daily expenses for 1.9 months in the United States vs. eighteen months in Canada’s second and seventh-best countries to live for lifestyle and work in on the earth.

Cost of Living Australia vs Canada

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More expensive to live in Canada or Australia?

In comparison to Australia, Canada has a lower cost of living. Living in Canada will save you 24.2 % on transportation, 2.6 percent on foodstuffs, 11.4 percent on transit, 11.2 percent on housing, 37.0 percent on childcare, and 18.9 percent on apparel compared to Australia.

Generally, the cost of living in Canada is 17.7% lower than in Australia. If you want to start from fresh, maybe with your family, Canada is the greatest place to go.

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PAY 20.3% LESS FOR RESTAURANTS  Australia   Canada 
Basic meal with drink at an inexpensive restaurant $16.01


Fast food combo meal

McDonald’s, or similar


Bottle of Coca-Cola (0.33 liter) $2.55


PAY 7.3% MORE FOR GROCERIES  Australia   Canada 

1 loaf


Local cheese (500 grams) $4.19


Milk (1 liter) $1.33


PAY 7.8% LESS FOR TRANSPORTATION  Australia   Canada 
Gasoline (1 liter) $1.10


Monthly public transit pass $103.41


New Volkswagen Golf 1.4 (standard edition) $20,961.47


PAY 4.5% LESS FOR HOUSING  Australia   Canada 
Internet connection

50 Mbps or faster, cable/dsl


1-Bedroom apartment in downtown area $1,076.45


1-Bedroom apartment outside the city center $852.47


PAY 31.8% LESS FOR CHILDCARE  Australia   Canada 
Private preschool for 1 child, monthly $1,480.45


Middle school for 1 child, two semesters $12,277.50


Average -31.8%
Domestic/local beer $5.99


Cappuccino in the mid-range area $3.53


Pack of cigarettes

Marlboro or similar


PAY 17.2% LESS FOR CLOTHING  Australia   Canada 
Regular jeans

Levi’s brand


Regular dress

from H&M or similar store


Running shoes

Nike or Adidas



Is it a good idea to move from Canada to Australia?

The people come to us for many reasons for their better lifestyle and brighter future for their family and kids and also improving their education and securing the job. one of the best thing people want to avoid all problems which they are facing in other small countries.

Australia has more opportunities to work and get a standard life there better places to live as compared to Canada but Canada has also better places to work but Australia is faster in technology nowadays everyone needs a better life to live but it’s hard to move for a person that already has been living in their home country a lot of things needs to be changed whenever your planning to leave your home country although it’s better to move on because every time changes are better.

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Are salaries higher in Canada or Australia?

Canada and Australia both have heavy taxes but free public health care but lower salaries than the US and also lower pollution than the US. Both countries have a huge number of jobs, especially in IT., these jobs are contrasted in big cities like Toronto, Canada, and Sydney, Australia. In Australia, IT job salaries are higher than in Canada in the same profile. Since around September 2021, the average Canadian earnings for the entire percent of workers was $65,773.18 per year.

In Australia, the average full-time pay is $66,829 per year or $34.27 per hour. Starting salaries for new starters start at $55,000 per year, with the greatest workers earning up to $100,008 per year.

Is Canada safer than Australia?

Canada is one of the safest countries in the whole world there is a very low crime rate. The police are well-respected and eager to help, and criminal percentages are lower. No matter where you are from, simple logic is essential for your protection and the security of your belongings. In Australia, there were 46.01 crimes per 100,000 people. When it comes to overall crime, Australia ranks 69th out of 164 nations, whereas Canada ranks 80th with just 39.03 offenses per 100,000. To put things in comparison, the most crime-ridden country in the world is this.

Australia or Canada which is better for immigration?

It might be difficult to choose between migrating to Canada and Australia. All of these countries feature a large number of job vacancies. They resemble each other in several ways. Both nations have identical educational standards. In terms of education, however, Canada has a minor advantage over Australia. Canadian academic schools are less expensive than Australian schools, colleges, and universities.

This blog will provide you with a greater understanding of immigration options, cost of living, opportunities, and other critical deciding elements to assist you in making a decision. Continue reading.

Cost of living in Australia compared to other countries?

The overall cost of living in Canada vs Australia is like In Australia is 9% more than in the United States, but 10% lower than in England (UK). The cost of living in Australia is 17.0 percent more than in New Zealand (NZ). According to the same source, living in Australia is far greater in terms of the value of living.

In Australia, where the normal life duration is 82 years vs 64 in South Africa, you will live 18.5 years longer. You’ll also make a 3.7 percent higher income and have a 79.7% lower chance of becoming unemployed. The living expenses in South Africa are 25.7 percent lower than in Canada. On average, it is cheaper costly to live in a large region in Canada than it is in the U.s.a this is dependent on the place you are choosing as well as your tax rate. New Zealand has an 11 percent the costlier expense of lifestyle than Canada.

Canada vs Australia for international students which are better? 

Management courses are often more expensive. In addition, compared to Australia, studying in Canada is far more reasonable. Financial administration, healthcare, architecture, journalism, tourism, and computer programming are just a handful of the disciplines in which Canada excels in learning. Finance, education, nursing, MBA, and hospitality industry are just a handful of the fields in which Australia excels. also Canadian working visa for Australians allows an individual to do almost any job for up to two years.

What is the tax comparison between the two?


In Cad, the usual tax rate is 28%. Employees in Canada earn an average take-home wage of around $35,500 per year. Taxation has a significant impact in a variety of situations. What you get is your yearly pay after taxes.


in Australia, the usual tax rate is 23.6 percent. The economic taxation structure in this country guarantees that individuals with higher earnings pay more in taxes. The tax-free level is $18,200, after which the tax comes in. There is no Tax-Relief for foreign residents they also have to pay tax.

In The End: you have to pay less income tax in Australia than you would pay in cad.

Sales tax which country is better? 

The highest-taxed provinces—Ontario (53.5%) and Nova Scotia (54.0%)—have rates that are about 20% higher than in Australia… Governments in Australia—federal, provincial, and local—consumed 35.5 percent of the national economy in 2018, compared to 40.6 percent in Canada.

Income taxes which country is better? 

If your income is less than  $49,020 then you have to pay federal income tax all of it. For example, if your earned income is $30,000 after exclusions and exemptions, you must pay $4,500 in federal income tax to the CRA. Income tax rates in Australia. For domestic taxpayers, net taxable income is taxed at progressive rates starting from 19 percent to 45 percent. Non-residents pay 32.5 percent tax on their first 120,000 Australian dollars (AUD) in income, with progressive rates running from 37 percent to 45 percent on the rest.

Bottom line.

Canada and Australia are great countries, and like every other country on the earth, they have their benefits and drawbacks. Although, on the whole, the two of them have a lot of possibilities for residents and visitors to enjoy an outstanding existence.

Australia VS Canada – Country Comparison (2022)