Cost of living in Arizona vs California 【Prices 2022】

The Average Cost of living in California is 27.7% more expensive than Arizona.

Arizona and California both are neighboring countries. There are various differences among the two countries which include weather, culture, cost of living in Arizona vs California, and many more. According to research, Arizona is a better place to live in because of its facilities. In California, the population increases day by day and there are no proper facilities provided to them.

Arizona vs California Cost of Living

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What is the cost of living in California compared to other states? 

California is very expensive than Arizona. Only the housing cost of California is 10 times greater than what it’s in Arizona. Even if you wish to rent someplace you have to pay 45% tax which means you have to work double shifts in order to survive in a country like California. Because of this cost of living in Arizona vs California people have decided to move to Arizona so they can easily survive. The number of residents has been increasing in Arizona for a couple of years and all are well established in terms of love and jobs.



 Arizona   California 
Basic meal with drink at inexpensive restaurant $14.94 $15.21 +1.9%
Fast food combo meal

McDonalds, or similar
$8.13 $8.29 +2.0%
Bottle of Coca-Cola (0.33 liter) $1.87 $2.05 +9.4%
Bottle of water (0.33 liter) $1.54 $1.62 +5.6%
Average +4.7%


 Arizona   California 

1 loaf
$2.48 $3.30 +32.8%
Local cheese (500 grams) $5.56 $6.58 +18.3%
Milk (1 liter) $0.73 $0.99 +35.4%

1 dozen
$2.34 $3.09 +32.0%
Boneless chicken breast (1 kg) $9.09 $10.47 +15.1%
Apples (1 kg) $3.58 $4.39 +22.5%
Bananas (1 kg) $1.53 $1.83 +19.4%
Oranges (1 kg) $3.12 $3.77 +21.0%
Tomatoes (1 kg) $3.56 $4.47 +25.4%
Potatoes (1 kg) $2.42 $2.89 +19.1%
Onions (1 kg) $2.16 $2.66 +23.1%
Average +24.0%


 Arizona   California 
Gasoline (1 liter) $0.72 $0.92 +27.8%
Monthly public transit pass $57.40 $67.11 +16.9%
New Volkswagen Golf 1.4 (standard edition) $24,148.39 $23,326.99 -3.4%
Taxi trip in downtown area (8 km) $14.25 $17.42 +22.3%
Average +15.9%


 Arizona   California 
Internet connection

50 mbps or faster, cable/dsl
$75.88 $65.82 -13.3%
1-Bedroom apartment in downtown area $996.16 $1,859.59 +86.7%
1-Bedroom apartment outside city center $836.74 $1,642.23 +96.3%
Utilities for two (65 m2 apartment)

including electric, gas, water, heating
$134.18 $128.05 -4.6%
Average +41.3%


 Arizona   California 
Private preschool for 1 child, monthly $714.33 $1,100.35 +54.0%
Middle school for 1 child, two semesters $9,140.20 $17,330.68 +89.6%
Average +71.8%


 Arizona   California 
Domestic/local beer $4.33 $5.83 +34.6%
Cappuccino in mid-range area $4.57 $4.39 -4.0%
Pack of cigarettes

Marlboro or similar
$8.32 $9.22 +10.9%
Monthly membership at local gym $30.67 $47.20 +53.9%
Movie ticket to theater/cinema $10.45 $12.93 +23.8%
Average +23.8%


 Arizona   California 
Regular jeans

Levi’s brand
$40.87 $46.43 +13.6%
Regular dress

from H&M or similar store
$34.31 $38.84 +13.2%
Running shoes

Nike or Adidas
$74.40 $77.14 +3.7%
Men’s business shoes (leather) $88.97 $105.96 +19.1%
Average +12.4%

Is it a good idea to move from Arizona to California? 

No, it’s not a wise decision to go from Arizona to California but you can do the reverse for sure. The benefits of moving from California to Arizona are much more as Arizona has a great landscape with amazing weather conditions. For hiking, this place is the best. Tourists come from other countries just to do hiking and other activities. Also, Arizona has a low driver’s license cost which is amazing.

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What is the tax comparison between the two? 

The cost of living and the tax comparison among both the countries are totally different from one another. People living in California have to pay the double amount of tax that is paid in Arizona. The average percentage of tax for Arizona is 4.62% while in California it is 9.7%. The ratio of sales tax and property tax is also quite low in Arizona while in California you have to pay twice more of the amount.

Where is more expensive to live Arizona or California?

The cost of living in Arizona vs California is a huge debate. But living in California is more expensive than living in Arizona. In California, if you purchase anything you have to pay a huge amount of tax as well. That’s why living there and spending money on small things can cost you a huge amount. On the other hand, living in Arizona is very simple. All things are arranged accordingly and you don’t have to spend extra money on taxes

What salary do you need to live comfortably in Arizona? 

If you wish to live in Arizona with ease you should earn $4,764 per month. As from this salary you have to fulfill all your needs in housing, food, transportation, fitness, health, entertainment, and others. So you have to work hard to have a luxurious lifestyle.

Are salaries higher in Arizona or California?

Salaries are higher in California but the taxes are double the amount. So it’s better to live in a country with not that high salary but a balanced tax ratio.

How much cheaper is Arizona than California? 

The cost of living shows how much cheaper it is to live in both states. Arizona is basically quite cheaper than California. It is because it has a low tax rate, has more facilities, and has more benefits from the government. From food to housing everything is quite organized and calculated according to the budget.

Living in Arizona vs California Comparison